Psycholegion is a revolutionary organization.

Λεγεώνα Των ΨυχώνIts aim is not to overthrow the existing totalitarian regime, but to convince the civilians, who have given up any hope of a happy living and survival, that they can destroy it by themselves.

Psycholegion is a terrorist organization.

It demolishes buildings, robs banks, destroys the National Agency of Personal Data, paints the Parliament red and, when it’s inevitable, it kills too.

Psycholegion consists of adolescents.

Eleven extremely talented adolescents, probably geniuses, coming from every social class: Immigrants, Romanies, petits bourgeois and bourgeois, all of them cast out and determined; determined to prove that there is always a better alternative solution, better than the “best possible society”.

Psycholegion is the Master’s brainchild.

A man who witnessed the social renaissance – as well as its early death – of the sixties. A man who traveled to the whole world, lived in the forests, the desert and the sea – with people who possessed only had they needed to – and he saw their weakness to react to the complacent storm of the western civilization.

Psycholegion is a novel.

A novel for the not-so-distant dystopia. For a not by a long chalk admirable and new world, where people have given up hope, dreaming and believing.
Phycholegion is a story of faith.

The faith that everything is possible, as long as you fight for it. The certitude that nothing changes, if you don’t change it.
Psycholegion is the precursor of the world that is coming.

At a fast pace – though limping.