Worshipping Freddie

“I would only believe in a god who knew how to dance.” Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Fr. Nietzsche “I won’t be a rock star. I will be...

The stabbing mother – Harlow’s experiments

Harlow managed to prove one thing with his brutal experiments: every human being (and animal too) needs love and affection to grow up normally and become an individual that, in turn, will be able to offer affection to somebody else.

Every now and then say: “what the fuck!”

Two men decided to have a wood cutting competition. Each of them grabbed an axe and set off cutting down trunks. But one of them...

Bad pupils, ingenious adults

Therefore, this is my homage to these unknown and wasted people of this world and I move on (at last, you must be thinking) to telling you the stories of the people that endured and stood out, to the surprise of their teachers.

Marriage and fornication – scientific confirmation

Let’s wrap up this article with a piece of advice: if you want a happy marriage, find someone who is on the same wavelength; mostly with regard to culture and personality so that you will have something to talk about when your joints ache.

Malcolm X, the portrait of a free man.

“Our position has never changed. If you sit at the back of the plane and it's going a hundred miles an hour, and you're on the back of the plane, well it can start going a thousand miles an hour; you're going faster, but you're still at the back of the plane. And that's the same way with the Negro in this society, we started out at the rear and we're still in the rear.”