Post modern Holocaust


Αυτή η εικόνα δεν έχει ιδιότητα alt. Το όνομα του αρχείου είναι Damien-Hirst1.jpgThe post-modern holocaust is completed in four stages.

Cultural extermination

Moral extermination

Financial extermination

Literal extermination


Culture is man’s conscience.
Cultural indigence is the primary form of violence, no matter how paradox it may sound.

Culture is the language.

Linguistic indigence renders man incapable of grasping the rulers’ fraud. If your capacity is limited to 100 words, then you brain performs, underperforms actually, utilizing but those shreds of thinking.

Culture is to know history.

History amounts to memory and (it is common knowledge, how come you forgot it?) when you forget your past, you’re bound to make the same mistakes; again and again and again until these mistakes exterminate you.

Culture is science.

When science is discredited for financial reasons, when Darwin is buried under tons of religious fundamentalism, when the University ceases to be the temple of knowledge and becomes the temple of Jerusalem, then science produces strictly scientism and sophisticated brainwashing machines.

Culture is traditions.

It’s them that define the historical continuation which is not recorded in books.

People without traditions is like a house without foundations. The first blow of an external wind will knock it down, be it a military, financial or a cultural one.

Culture is art.

Music without dogs, cinema without terrorists, dance without TV shows, literature without chiseled jawlines, painting without the Ministers’ wives, sculpture without squares and statues, graffiti without police, imagination without power.

Culture is the mirror, the conscience. Without conscience, without culture, moral indigence is reserved.

And this is the second stage of the people moral’s crash.

Moral indigence: Discounts in morality, where only the winner is worthy.

Regardless of the number of the victims.

The crook becomes model, should they get off scot-free.

The slut becomes an idol, should she appear on the TV screen.

The usurer becomes the example to be followed, since they profit.

The agent provocateur is innocent, if they are a politician.

The murderer gets on the cover once they become part of the serial’s gossip.

The liar gets promotion provided that journalism is their occupation.

The tax-evader is untouchable if they are a shipowner.

The bankrupt is rescued if they are a banker.

The fallen monkey, Sapiens, stripped of civilization and morals strives to become a crook, he-whore, usurer, agent provocateur, murderer, liar, tax-evader, bankrupt.


Once cultural and moral indigence is reached, then invariably the economic collapse follows.

The uncivilized and the amoral are the easy targets.

All you have to do is to give them a “mirror”-iPhone and a credit card.

Then, they will rush to borrow more money to buy more mirrors and repay the installments of the credit card and they keep buying and the bills keep inflating and they keep consuming and borrowing until the time has come when the bubble bursts.

And then they won’t react or rebel, they are reduced to searching for crumbles and leftovers that fall off the table from “the above”.


Then the time for the physical extermination has come, the end begins.

Suicides, homeless, unemployed, uninsured, unvaccinated, illiterate, non-political, nonparticipants, fools, spineless, helpless, redundant, penniless, unpaid, desperate, (petit) bourgeois, useless, losers, weak, indignant, powerless….



Races, religions and nationalities are all the same to post-modern Totalitarianism; we are all expendables.

There are no Aryans and Subhumans in post-modern Totalitarianism, only rich and poor.

The post-modern Totalitarianism is Manichaean in nature: there are no fifty shades of grey, there is not even just grey.

Either you can (find a job, repay your loan, be insured, obey Milgram, step on others to climb a little higher) or you die.

Take your pick: callousness or death. There is no third way.


The post-modern Holocaust is rounded off in four stages:

Cultural extermination

Moral extermination

Financial extermination

Literal extermination

If you reach the fourth stage, it’s too late for tears.

Game Over


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