Eros is a socially acceptable form of insanity



“ Love is like a socially acceptable form of insanity.”
HER, Spike Jonze

“Love, unbeatable at battle”
Antigone, Sophocles


I look at this photo taken from Niki Boon and I try to understand. Not what has already passed, who are these kids, what reality is. Art doesn’t depict reality, it depicts the “reality” as everyone perceives it.

Everyone can see this picture the way they want. I see love (and I hear it, too).

I remember the childhood crushes, back then when we were playing, pretending to be adults.

-Do you want to be the papa and me the mama?
-I would do anything.
-Would you enter this cage?
-If I had to, in order to see you.
-Would you get out of this cage?
-If I had to, in order to touch you.
-Would you die for me?
-Children don’t die.

Children do not die, but they fall in love too; and love is a small death – and resurrection at the same time.

Love is life. What would make sense without it?

I read one of the last interviews of Emmanouil Kriaras, who lived to a ripe old age, 107 years old, centenarian and more.

“I never longed for this long life, you know…It just happened. I don’t want to live anymore. My joy of life (my wife) is gone. Love – which her existence alone inspired it – the love for life, that is creativity and work, the love for creativity, there is no more. So, I thank you for your wishes and the gifts but…they are superfluous.

Iakovos Kambanellis chose the selfsame way to go, when he lost the woman with whom he shared his life.

-Would you left this world behind?
-Without you is nothing but a cage.


It is love that gives life a meaning.

Not just the love for another human being, but the love for anything you do.

Without love, we are simply objects, subjects wandering on the earth until we die.

Love makes you smile, endure, give, create, forget about the bars and limitations. Love is invincible, Sophocles had said so, too.

Love is a delusion, perhaps the biggest ever.

The scientists are trying to pinpoint the hormone that is responsible for love, the prototypes that predispose it, the social circumstances that engender it. They try to comprehend the incomprehensible, just like a theologian who thinks that god can fit in a book, in a church, in a dogma.


If you want to figure out love, the world, god, watch the children and learn.

Because they know none of complicated words, neither are over-or mal-educated with silly wise people’s theories.

Adults regress. The World, the Kingdom of Heaven is their toy.

-Did you get in for my sake?
-For our.
-To touch your knee with my shoe?
-To see you smile.
-But you can’t get out.
-I don’t want to.
-And if I asked for it?
-I would.


Love is a socially acceptable form of insanity. People behave irrationally when they are in love, going against anything that doesn’t fit with their love, they are going against the grain, doing things that they would never think of in a sober state.

Love is intoxication, but without it, there is nothing worth for living.

Everything begins with love and everything ends when it’s gone.

It’s irrational, it’s bizarre, it’s paranoic, it’s human, it’s very human.
It’s total.

Yes, in the beginning, there was nothing. Then Love was born.
When Love is absent, there is nothing.

-Will you be in love with me? Forever? When we won’t be kids anymore?
-We will be forever kids.
-Because we’re in love.


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