The day that men will become Gods


The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

The tower of Babel,Genesis 11,6


I feel a heavy winter coming. Day by day the light vanishes and the grip of neoliberalism snare gets tighter. It’s the worst form of tyranny that mankind has ever witnessed: global, complete and offering no alternatives.

The people, we the people, the majority, will be trampled underfoot. Perhaps by one another. There is no mercy for the defeated.

Those who are satisfied with crumbs will be spared to graze – until they are slaughtered. Those who will fight back, will get their comeuppance.

It’s the point where three dystopias converge, as three authors pictured them in their minds.

First is Huxley’s: We’re fine, we’re fine, we’re fine.

Next is Orwell’s: Whoever feels that everything isn’t all right and dares to express their doubts will be squashed – they will be treated as mentally ill, by police or military force.

The third and most terrifying is Bradbury‘s: The people, even when they suffer, they can’t remember what existed before or they can’t think of anything else.

We’re not all right, but we don’t react because this is the best we can get.

Poverty (the highest form of violence), misery, exclusion, war, slavery, intolerance, this is the water, the best possible world. We’re swimming in there and we’re unaware of anything else but these waters.


There is no alternative.

This quote is displayed at the gate of the universal concentration camp of extermination.

If someone refuses they are peculiar, stupid, dangerous, or a terrorist.

The largest percentage of the population now lives below the poverty line, living on a dollar and a half. Wars and terrorist attacks – the two faces of the beast. Refugees and dead children. Ecology and environment are words uttered only the World Day of the End of the World.

Profit, competitiveness, growth, that’s religion, the metaphysics of 21st century.

Metaphysics because it’s crystal clear that leads to a dead-end.

Crystal clear…How empty it sounds…


It seems as if we reach the end of this brief adventure called Homo sapiens sapiens. I saw the other day one of these stupid e-stickers that make the rounds on facebook. Imagine, it read, what seven billion humans could accomplish if we all loved and respected each other. Imagine!

If only, fancy, all humans were fed and free. If only all of them had access to water, food and education. Everyone is entitled to medical care.

The kids would play and learn to cooperate and collaborate, not to compete against each other.

No threat of famine. War exists no more.

Seven billion brains – and bodies- collaborating as equals, according to everybody’s needs, depending on their individual skills, aiming to achieve but one goal, the happiness of each and every person.



How many Turings, Teslas, Einsteins, Mozarts died from diseases, famine or war, before they even went to school?

Why was no Newton ever born in Africa – or have we never heard of him?

Maybe because since this continent was “discovered”, it has been drained by western civilized people and their multinational corporations.

Why have so few women been awarded with Nobel science prizes? Aren’t they too hot on mathematics?


On one hand the utopia: seven billion people united in the world-wide web, creating new ideas, science, art.

The greatest supercomputer of the universe. Its potentialities can be deemed as nothing else but divine.

Seven billion minds.

On the other hand we have what is presented as the only reality, the dystopia.

The 99% of the seven billion people to simply exist, working, fighting, dying to get rich the 1%.

Their best possible world is irrational.


Perhaps this is Babel. God was afraid of man, all the humans in collaboration and condemned them to fight till the end of time.


And as the heavy winter is under way, the war drums beat, the walls are raised, the grip of neoliberalism snare gets tighter, we have to choose:

To let ourselves free, to believe, to get lost like the fish that know nothing else but the waters they are swimming?

Or to envisage the society of the seven billion people?


Imagination is the authority’s greatest enemy – no matter what authority.

Because imagination has no limits, whereas authority is nothing but limits.


The imagination takes the man to theosis.

The authority wants them to be worms.

7 billion (-1%) worms.

7 billion free people.

Just imagine what they could do!


We shall live in peace,
We shall live in peace,
We shall live in peace, some day


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Translated by Alexandros Mantas