War Pigs



The jihadists, the terrorists, who kill in airports, in squares, in villages, are psychos.
The pilots, the militants, who bomb hospitals at cities and in villages, are heroes.

The “masterminds”, the ones who plan these terrorist attacks are fanatics.
The militants who plan the airstrikes receive medals.

Fundamentalists funding the slaughtering of civilians are monsters.
Politicians approving armaments are elected representatives.

Manufacturers selling weapons to Islamists are the merchants of death.
When though, the same people sell them to Christians, they are business people.

When westerners are massacred, they are innocent victims.
Alas, when third world citizens are massacred they are mere numbers.


The world looks like a Hollywood B-movie and our perceptions of it seem like they came out of an inferior script.

The good ones kill, because they are good and want to protect (our) democracy, and (our) freedom, and (our) peace, and (our) religion, and (our) family.

The bad guys kill because they are just bad and want to destroy (our) democracy, and (our) freedom, and (our) peace, and (our) religion, and (our) family.

Everybody kills, but some kill for a good cause and others for a bad cause. So…the end justifies the (or our if you like) means.


It is like a B-movie, where the characters are one-dimensional.

Some second generation immigrants, born in western world ghettos, doomed to poverty and crime, become assassins because they are perverted, insane, fanatics, Muslims, black, evil.

Poverty, the worst form of violence, has been made absent from the director’s film. Alas, these evil people live in a free western world, where everybody is equal and everybody has equal rights, either poor or rich. Therefore, crime is purely a matter of choice. These people could have easily become tycoons.

Also the generals, the pilots, the soldiers, who vanish whole villages (of third world countries), are heroes doing their duty. They are doing their duty by killing people on the other side of the world. Let us not forget that Eichmann was also doing his duty.

It is indeed a B-movie. It looks like the manicheistic cults, where the Blood-Spangled Banner, the European flags and crosses are being splashed by the blood of innocent westerners.

Until a young  man from humble beginnings (by the way, the children of the rich don’t go to war) vows to take revenge. He takes his rifle, he takes his plane, he receives his wage and runs to some desert, to some jungle, to some city, to some country whose existence was unaware of, in order to kill the bad guys and become a hero.

He is deeply saddened when they kill his fellow soldier. It is widely known, that it is not funny at all when the other side is shooting as well. The bad guys.

He kills children, because when they grow up, they will become terrorists. He kills women, because they might carry explosives or the child of a terrorist. He kills men, old men and young people. He demolishes hospitals because they told him so. Should he need to drop a BOMB, he will do it, because above all he’s doing his duty and he’s a hero.

After all that, he goes back home, to his family, to his wife, to his children victorious and happy. He killed so many women and children to protect his own family.

Just before he gets some time to rest, to have a can, to eat his burger, they call him back telling him that other evil men, old and new…”threaten (our) lives”. Despite his exhaustion, despite the nightmares, he stands up, he dresses up, he kisses his wife and children and he leaves:

“I will fight again. I will always fight, for us to be free, for us to have peace”

And the camera takes a close up of him leaving, while we listen to a “heroic”, coarse imitation of John William’s score for Superman and Star Wars…and somewhere out there, there is a flag waving.

Just before the end of the movie, there is always a reference to the victims of terrorism, including their bio and photos.

Then the end credits.


Of course, the war is going on forever. There are seven billion people to die. Good, evil, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, Whites, Blacks, Yellow, Men, Women, Children, Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians, Neo- liberals, Neo – socialists, Neo – Nazis, Neo – Anarchists, Workers, Farmers, Employees, Scientists, Shop Owners, Artists and Slaves.

The only ones that never die in wars – as well as in terrorist attacks – are the people who make the decisions, people who profit from them, people who order, people who propagate, people who plan these things, and people who make a living from these wars, the financial crisis, the insecurity and death.

Pigs don’t go to war, didn’t you know that? They only make wars to kill good and bad people.


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 Translation by Dee Kay

Since we’re not native speakers, feel free to suggest improvements and make corrections