Holocaust 201X AD


The horse wagons started from Thessaloniki, Budapest, Prague, Paris.

Crammed in lots of 70, men, women, elderly and children. There was a barrel for their excrement. No water, nor food, no room to lie down. If anyone couldn’t take it anymore, they would die standing.

The rabbis were praying to Yahweh and reminded their fellow travelers the story of Job who never complained, despite God put him through. But the children were crying, their mothers held them tight crying as well and the men gritted their teeth in tears.

The victims were Jews, subhumans of Europe -from Greece, Italy, Hungary, France, Poland,
The aggressors were the Nazis, the Aryan race, hand in hand with the collaborationist government of each occupied country.


Seventy years later, the holocaust continues.
Seventy people suffocated in the back of an air-tight truck container that carried frozen chicken.
In Austria, the navel of Europe, the birthplace of Hitler – and Mozart.

The horse wagon evolved into a refrigerated truck for frozen chicken and the dead are not Jews but subhumans, once again.

Perhaps Syrians or maybe Afghans or Tunisians, Muslims or Christians or atheists. (I thought they were all humans, regardless of their beliefs, race and nationality, I thought so, but then again maybe I’m naïve)

The Mediterranean Sea has become the biggest graveyard, the refugees drown to live and the banks are floating , thanks to the billions of European citizens and arms traders.

The multinational corporations are working on their latest super-weapon, the TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the European Union and the United States) to encompass in the subhuman category, those blissful western people who think they still have rights and live joyfully and happily, since they are not part of the third world -yet.

The war industries of the USA, Germany, UK and France sell weapons that fundamentalists need, to destroy civilizations and murder their subhuman compatriots.

Turkish army bomb Kurdish terrorists, the last stronghold of blissful Europe against ISIS.

The governments of Europe and its Institutions, all of them puppets of the multinational corporations, the banks and the Almighty Markets, merely tinker at the edges about the “immigrant issue” while creating refugees and immigrants, destroying economies and countries and subhumans.

The elected governments are simply managing the attack. Forget the “government-of-the-people, by-the-people, for-the-people”- slogan, that’s a fairytale in the movies with the Star Spangled Banner, the Blood Spangled Banner, waving for ever.

The governments sole purpose is to maintain the Power of the Markets.


It is not the End of History; it’s the biggest war ever.

Einstein wondered about the type of weapons that WWIII would be fought with. It’s not atom bombs or laser guns or plasma cannons.

It is trade agreements.

And mankind are subhumans, regardless of belief, race or nationality.

It is the privatization of every source, the abolition of every civil and political right, the deprivation of every alternative solution, the ridicule of democracy, the glorification of the neoliberal dogma-the hybrid of state and capitalism.

It’s the illusion of security, the virtual reality of a world where you, the individual if you are lucky enough to “float” while the others “sink”.

It’s a war, but we’re taught that the enemy is the refugee, the immigrant, the poor, the civil servant, the unemployed, the pensioner, the Greek, the German, the Afghan, the Chinese, the coloured people, the muslim, the Jew, the homosexual, the “mentally ill”, the cancer patient, the “other”, the foreigner.

The enemy is the foreigner, the other one.

And we will kill each other to honor the Benefactors , those who allow us to survive and buy their genetically modified rubbish.


The holocaust continues. The war is global.

We, all of us, are subhumans, the victims for the next horse wagon or the next refrigerated truck for frozen chicken.

Our only hope, our last hope, is to recognize the real enemy .


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Translated by Alexandros Mantas

Edited by Alexandra Kipourgos
The art of Alexandra Kipourgos