Europe, the Megaera with rotten entrails


It’s historically proven that closed societies cannot evolve;eventually they wither away till they are self-terminated.

What engenders evolution is the crossbreed of populations, cultures and civilizations.

An isolated population will degenerate – with regard to the genes and the culture.

The immigrants, besides being a cheap labour force, so much needed from the multinational corporations and the nations, are a source of vitality and innovation.


Charlie Chaplin, the man who invented the cinema, was an immigrant. Having gypsy, Jewish, French and English genes, poor by accident of birth, illiterate since he never went to school.

His contemporaneous Londoners would surely hold in contempt this urchin that was begging and sleeping on the streets, while his mother was in an asylum.They would view him as another “filthy” one that disturbs their peace, security, the delusion of their superiority.

This urchin, this poor soul, this immigrant, offered moments of glory to America, and laughter and hope to the whole of humanity.

His countenance as “The Tramp” (or Charlot) is the most recognizable of the 20th century – along with the one of his evil twin, Adolf’s.


The Old Continent should invite the refugees, due to the wars it set up and funded; as a source of renewal, as fresh neuronal cells that will salvage Europe from Alzheimer’s.

These people, these children (mainly the children), if they are given a chance to live, to work, to study, to create art, will contribute to the birth of a new continent.

Europe is in its death throes, senile and grouchy, a Megaera with rotten entrails, contaminated by the fascisms it bred – and never perished.

She is locked in the nursing home of history and reminisces the years of her youth, the centuries of glory and horror, while swallowing mashed food and pissing herself.

Some mottos of her youth -Liberté, égalité, fraternité-  she would rather not speak of them and as regards the infant images of the Athenian democracy, they are stashed in the unconsciousness.

She salivates and can hardly walk, but she loathes the foreigners, the new ones more than she loathes herself.

She tries to keep them away, not to spoil her funeral.

An insane old demon killing children, that’s what Europe is.

She’s unable to understand that only if she takes these foreign children onto her lap, will she be redeemed for all the monsters she has bred and can rest in peace, making room for a new Europe, a new land.


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Translated by Alexandros Mantas

Edited by Jackie Pert